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Safaa Aesthetic Academy

Basic LED Facial

Basic LED Facial

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Introducing Our 30-Minute, 10-Step Express Facial with LED Light Therapy

At Safaa Aesthetic Academy, we are dedicated to providing unique and educational skincare experiences. Our 30-minute, 10-step Express Facial is specifically designed to introduce clients to a holistic skincare routine at home, utilizing pharmaceutical-grade products and the benefits of LED Light Therapy. This concise treatment is ideal for teenagers and those new to skincare, offering an excellent starting point.

Setting a New Standard in Custom Facial Treatments

Our approach at Safaa Aesthetic Academy sets us apart. We are committed to delivering high-performance custom facial treatments that surpass the ordinary. Each step of our treatment is meticulously tailored to address individual skincare needs, ensuring that specific concerns are effectively targeted. Your skin deserves nothing less than the utmost care and attention.

Our process begins with:
1. Cleanse
2. Second Cleanse
3. Exfoliates Scrub
4. Mask
5. Remove with Hot Towel
6. LED light Therapy
9.Eye cream

Performed only by Qualified Dermal Therapist so you are in safe hands. A followed-up treatment plan is recommended by your therapist.

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