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Safa Marwa Vita A 1% Serum 30ml

Safa Marwa Vita A 1% Serum 30ml

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If not sure what to purchase please contact our qualified dermal skin therapist to prescribe you with what to best suit your skin.

For use on normal/ageing skin/acne/ congestion. Not for use on dry/sensitive or pregnant skin.


Safa and Marwa is named after old mountain in Makkah still standing strong . Once it comes to looking after your skin you need to be like the Safa and Marwa mountain building a strong skin barrier using Vitamin A product to help speed up healing , prevent breakouts and support the skins immune system.

This 1% Vitamin A product helps improve the appearance of aged skin, reduce the appearance of pigmentation and  help with acne. It helps to produce new and healthy cells, whilst eliminating the old, dead skin cells. Which means it helps to hydrate  the skin effectively, giving you radiant glow.

It assists in promoting and maintaining a healthy dermis and epidermis the top 2 layers of your skin. Retinyl palmitate is very effective at reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Vitamin A is the most popular anti-ageing ingredient prescribed by dermatologists. For use on normal/ageing skin. Not for use on dry/sensitive or pregnant skin.

Key Ingredients:

  • Vitamin A

How to use:

  • Apply  a pea size of vita A serum all over face and décolletage avoiding eye area and lips after cleansing .
  • Begin using every 3RD NIGHT and gradually increase  to every 1-2 days giving your skin time to build up tolerance and avoid sensitisation. 
  • Use in the evening ONLY.
  • Must wear SPF daily

Tip: if skin gets irritated stop for couple of nights and follow as instructed.  

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