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Skin Consultation Analysis

Skin Consultation Analysis

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Why is a skin consultation analysis important?

It is important to understand and identify any potential skin problems, such as sun damage, acne, photo-aging, sensitivity and other anomalies. Therefore, we can target these problems early on with treatment. 

What benefits will you get from a skin consultation analysis?

We will undertake a detailed consultation about your skin and your current skin-care routine and analyse your skin using a state of the art Scan X Skin Analysis machine.

The machine will take photos of your skin and analyse the depth of the wrinkles and lines, takes a measurement of the depth of the pores, and assesses the amount of sun damage caused to your skin.

Then, with our therapist it will show you how your skin will look in a few years (if your skin-care and lifestyle stays the way it is.) We will then go through step by step with you why this might be happening and what you can do to prevent it.

A custom curated treatment plan will be provided to you to start the healing process of your skin journey.  

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